Mastering is the last stage of the creative process and the first stage of manufacturing.

We can make a collection of songs sound like they belong together in tone, peak and rms level and timing between songs whilst EQing audible issues and maintaining the songs dynamic range. We also can prepare a red book standard cd for duplication or replication in the form of a DDP file or a physical CD master, adding ISRC codes (if supplied) and PQ subcodes.

Mastering is priced at £15 per track

When preparing your tracks to send to us:

• Have little or no processing on your master fader (main output). None would be preferable.

• Make sure there is no dither added (as this can only be added once at the end of the processing chain).

• The tracks should be recorded and mixed down at the highest quality.

• When mixing down be sure to leave at least 3 dB of headroom for the mastering process.