Rehearsal Space


Peak time - £12 per hour Mon - Fri evenings and Saturday

Off-peak - £10 per hour 10am to 6pm Mon - Fri

Book out the rehearsal space from 7pm - 11.30pm for £30

Rehearsal space is roughly 200 square feet

Equipped with:

A pair of Alto 800 watt speakers

Soundcraft 12 channel mixer

Range of sennheiser vocal microphones

Marshall amplification x 2

Rehearsals can be recorded for £30 which will include full rehearsal put on to flash memory stick provided by us.

Rehearsal space terms of use

At least one member attending rehearsal must be over 18 years old

The booking of the Rehearsal Space is for the purposes of music practice only

No illegal activity is permitted on the premises

No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed on our premises

No anti-social behaviour is permitted

access is granted to the Rehearsal Space and Toilet. The rest of the premises are out of bounds.

Any abuse to the equipment or the rehearsal space could result in a further payment being taken to cover the cost of the damage.