Session Guitarist


Acoustic - Electric - Classical

Are you a singer / songwriter that has or wants to make a demo? Maybe you play guitar and don't like your playing or you don't play at all?

Maybe you are a band or group and have all instruments in place but lack and need a guitarist, any style. Let me do that for you!

If you have a rough demo but want the full professional treatment of the recording, we can do that for you with our latest recording gear and trained engineer.


£30-Per electric or acoustic guitar track (stereo or mid/side multiple mics included)

£20-For the same part layered twice (stereo right & left)

1 revision is included free of charge for each performance

Revisions Include:

any parts needing to be re-tracked (ie. different amp/effect settings, guitar tones are desired)

performance adjustments/enhancements

re-written or re-arranged guitar parts

Revision Fee Per Track: £10